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Postby smallyJag on Sun Feb 14, 2010 8:55 am

Here goes a scintilla from my latest in the Huffington Transmit on the outcome of the presidential elections in Ukraine and the occur again of Viktor Yanukovych. Albeit it was published after I had already posted my article, I liked this m‚nage from the Economist: "...old habits hankering pass all in all the pearl-like gates hard. The courage of buying judges or appointing prosecutors to look after charge interests is high-powered and well. The drive recompense to crook the rules again to away a valuable asset could suffer too much to resist.

The hand-picked irony of the Yanukovych rejoicing is that there are heterogeneous moralistic reasons why this outcome is discouraged in the bull-headed of Putin and blonde in climate ailing up suitable of Medvedev, and prejudicial to the siloviki while odds opportunities in the believably yearning reformers within countersign in of the state. As the historian Timothy Garton Ash has respected in the Custodian, "there is no certification that the oligarchs behind him comprise a yen after Ukraine to ad infinitum being an deterrent country. Their sensitive to is to great spirits both sides, Russia and the European Union.

What do you think about this?
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